Electronic & Digital Weighbridges

Electronic & Digital Weighbridges

DELIGENT WEIGHBRIDGES can be installed in a variety of ways depending on the location and use. The weighbridges can be supplied with standard peripheral options like PC, Printer, Jumbo display and basic application software or advanced automation solutions along with truck management and ERP data integration. Browse the ‘related products’ tab on each specific product page for more details

Kantawala Enterprises is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of weighing scales, systems and equipment. We offer a wide range of industrial weighing systems and solutions, backed by an extensive service network across the whole of India.

“Deligent Weighing System”
sepcialised in manufacturing all types of Electronic Digital Weighing Scale and Weighbridges. We have developed all our machines considering suitability of all types of customer requirements towards easy operation, maintenance, durability and long working life.

We specially designed weighbridge with digital load cells, use of pre-calibrated digital load cells enables fast installation, service support thus increasing overall productivity and reduction in downtime. Features of weighing, data processing, saving, printing makes it a stand-alone utility for public and industrial weighbridges. “Deligent Weighing System” is robust in nature to withstand harsh environmental conditions. It can operate reliably over a wide temperature range and also in humid weather. is An ISO 9001:2015 company.

Hardware Features

  •  32 Bit ARM Processor
  • Front Mount 16×2 LCD Display & 1
    inch LED display
  •  SMPS power supply
  • On Board Memory to save 2 Lac Records
  • USB Ports for Standard Computer Keyboard & pen drive
  •  Centronics port for 80 column Dot Matrix Printer
  • RS232 port for display/GSM modem/ continuous weight
  •  Table top port for connecting external wired displays
  •  Inbuilt wireless trans – receiver(Optional)

Software Features

  •  Initial LCD Display message field settable as weighbridge name
  • Installation settings secured under engineer login
  • Engineer login password field settable by authorised OEM
  • Three types of cornering features available
  • Smart Calibration
  •  Multi-step smart calibration
  • Installation report
  •  Mandi Application feature of Rate, Amount, Binding material deduction etc.)

Intelligent Terminal

  •  Long Distance between weigh-bridge room and structure
  • Lower division size can be obtained,leading to higher accuracy of Scale
  •  Special DLC interlocking
  •  Field settable number of Load Cells, up to 16.
  •  Simple and fast Installation
  •  No need of manual cornering using trim ports & calibration with test weights.
  •  Automatic fault diagnosis with warning of particular DLC
  •  Installation repor

Salient Features

Sturdy Platform structure made of MS plates and steel longitudinal girder.

  • It bares carrying strength 125% f the rated capacity.
  •  Distributed load over the overbridge length.
  •  It is completely environment proof by various measures.
  •  Less wear and tear

Technical Specification

Intelligent Monitor

Junction Box

Digital Load Cell

Conversion Kit

Pen Drive Connectivity

Electronic Display

Printer Connectivity

USB Keyboard

Model Capacity Accuracy Pan Size
20 MT
5 kg.
5 x 2.5
30 MT
5 kg.
7.5 x 3
40 MT
5 kg.
7.5 x 3 / 9 x 3
50 MT
5 kg.
7.5 x 3 / 9 x 3 / 20 x 3
60 MT
10 kg
12 x 3 / 14 x 3 / 16 x 3
80 MT
10 kg.
14 x 3 / 16 x 3 / 18 x 3
KF-FW-100 MT
100 MT
10 kg.
16 x 3 / 18 x 3/ 20 x 3

Intelligent Monitor

• Memory : 8k+128 for data storage with battery with 2000 to 50000 operations
• Printer Port : Centronics compatible parallel port.
• Serial Port : 1 No. Rs. 232C type port is available for computer interface.
• Display : 16 Charater x 2 line LCD display with back light for data entry and display of weight, date and time.
• Jumbo Remote display : 7 sigment, 6 digit (60mm height) Red LED.
• Consolidated reports : Sorting date wise, vehicle wise, party wise and product wise.
• Input Voltage : 200 V – 250 V AC @ 50Hz
• Power Consumption : 10 VA (Approx.)
• Environmental : Operating temperature: 10 to 55 Celsius humidity: 0 to 95% non condensing.